A fire at your building is probably one of your biggest fears, and we understand that. Thankfully, here at ABR, we specialize in fire suppression and prevention. We are trained in fire suppression piping and other related systems. We are prepared to make sure your building is fully protected.

Highly Trained Employees

All of our fire suppression employees hold the S12 and S13 Certificates of Fitness and have a great rapport and history with all NYC Fire Department Inspectors. Fire suppression instruction and practices are worked into our training and apprenticeship programs.

Specialized for Your Needs

Besides ensuring your building is up to fire codes, our staff will work with you to come up with a fire suppression system that fully meets the specific needs of your building. Fire suppression piping, spark/ember suppression systems, or sprinkler systems are all options available to you. Our trained professionals can help recommend which systems are needed for your building, as well as educate you on the safety procedures and everything you’ll need to know to keep them properly maintained.

New York City Requirements

Our staff is extremely familiar with all of New York City’s building codes and requirements. In fact, we consider ourselves experts on everything NYC building related. Ordinances and codes change fairly often, so you need a company that is always in the know. ABR is the company to call.

On-Call Staff

Our staff is always standing by for your questions regarding fire suppression systems, or anything else you may need for your building. We also offer 24/7 Emergency Service, so that if a fire-related emergency occurs, or any other plumbing related emergency, we’re ready to spring into action. We’re also ready to repair or replace any damaged or malfunctioning components quickly and efficiently. Call us for more information.